Telescopic Slides

Ganter is adding telescopic slides to its portfolio. With a wide range of extension types, additional functions and dimensions, these slides can handle loads of between 220 and 3100 N per pair.

Main features:

- Ganter is adding 13 new variants to complement these standard series - telescopic rails made of rolled sheet metal

- Ganter designed the range of new standard telescopic rails to be suitable for use in a number of different areas

- Depending on the length of the extension (between 250 and 1,500 mm), the telescopic slides are made up of two, three or four interconnected slides.

- Ganter’s product range includes a wide range of solutions in terms of features: Latches, dampening systems etc.

- A matrix overview shows the main features of all telescopic slides at a glance.

Click here for the telescopic slides!

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