Standard Parts in Hygienic Design

Levelling feet GN 20 in Hygienic Design are now 3-A certified!

Ganter develops standard Stainless Steel parts that meet stringent hygiene requirements.

The new levelling feet GN 20 in Hygienic Design are certified according to 3-A Sanitary Standard guidelines. 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation dedicated to advancing hygienic equipment design for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.

Main features:

- Suitable for use in hygienically sensitive areas

- Quick and easy cleaning thanks to a comprehensive Hygienic Design

- No dead spaces due to functional seals

- Certified according to EHEDG and 3-A SSI guidelines

Click here for the Levelling feet GN 20 in Hygienic Design!

Download the Highlights brochure here!

Click here for the application video!





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