Gripping and locking

There are applications where doors and other openings need to be both locked safely and operated easily and conveniently. Ganter also has a function-integrated solution for these: the GN 115.10 latches with gripping tray.

Two functions in a single element – reducing the number of parts and therefore the costs for procuring and assembly and making the use easier. The Ganter standard part GN 115.10 combines the locking function with a gripping tray, ensuring that different models of doors can be easily and conveniently closed and opened.

The standard part is made up of two elements: the front frame made of robust, plastic-coated zinc die casting including a latching mechanism and a plastic recess moulding, attached tamper-proof from the rear of the latch with screws to the mounting opening. The front frame is flush with the outside of the latch, the latching mechanism points to the inside. A 90 degree turn locks the latch in place, with the actual latch with its run-up bevels making it easier to close and open the door and being available for latch distances ranging from 4 to 50 millimetres.

To cover every conceivable mounting situation, there is also a choice between a “left” and a “right” design version whose latches are turned clockwise or anticlockwise for locking.

The actual locking function requires a key (GN 119.2) in tried and tested triangular, square, slot or two-way key bit design – or by proper key. This design variant not only allows the door to be latched, but also to be locked by key. Depending on application, locks with uniform or varying locking functions are available.

This seemingly simple and uncomplicated standard part impressively shows the enormous variety of designs which is necessary to cover as many specific needs and requirements as possible. Market leader Ganter masters this art in its unique way and supplies every design version in the shortest possible time.


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