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06/07/2018 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 05/2018


GN 422 Cabinet "U" Handles with Power Switching Function

GN 1364 Pointed Stainless Steel-Sheet Metal Hinges

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04/30/2018 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 04/2018


For the Perfect Edge

Red Dot Design Award Winners

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04/05/2018 | Products and novelties

Multiple-Joint Hinges


Invisible and highly mobile – exactly these requirements apply to the new GN 7237 Stainless Steel-Multiple-joint hinges, which are now included in the...

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03/29/2018 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 03/2018


GN 7237 Stainless Steel-Multiple-Joint Hinges

GN 4490 Ball Catches – Zinc Die Casting

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02/28/2018 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 02/2018


Adjustable Flat Tension Levers GN 126 and GN 126.1

Cabinet "U" Handles GN 328 and GN 428

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01/25/2018 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 01/2018


Extension of the Range of Set Collars

Two-Way Breathable Membranes GN 7404

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01/24/2018 | Products and novelties

Set Collars from Ganter


Ganter expands the product range of set collars. They can be used in multiple ways in machine and fixture fabrication.

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12/19/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 11/2017


Waist Shaped Knobs in Hygienic Design GN 75.6

CAD Direct Download

Merry Christmas!

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11/24/2017 | Products and novelties

Telescopic Slides


Ganter is adding telescopic slides to its portfolio. With a wide range of extension types, additional functions and dimensions, these slides can...

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11/24/2017 | Company

Certificate for Ganter service!


The customers of Ganter speak a clear language, in 2017 we awarded the grade 1.6 for best service quality and customer service!

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