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07/27/2017 | Home-News , Products and novelties

Standard Parts in Hygienic Design


Ganter develops standard Stainless Steel parts that meet stringent hygiene requirements.

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07/26/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 07/2017


Cabinet "U" Handles für Welding in Steel or St. Steel

Installation Brackets GN 970

Cylindrical Handles with Hand Guard

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06/26/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 06/2017


Stainless Steel-Assembly Pins with Accessories

Plastic Detachable Hinges

Stainless Steel-Ledge Handle

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05/29/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 05/2017


Locking Pins with Magnetic Adhesive Surface

Cranks with Stainless Steel Retractable Mechanism

Ganter Opened a YouTube Channel

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04/26/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 04/2017


Standard Parts in Hygienic Design

Cabinet "U" Handles with Antimicrobial Coating

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03/30/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 03/2017


Slotted Locknuts GN 1804.2

Bull´s Eye Levels and Screw-on Levels

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03/02/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 02/2017


Cabinet "U" Handles for Welding GN 426.3

Sheet Metal Hinges GN 136

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02/06/2017 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 01/2017


Cam Action Indexing Plungers GN 721

Hydraulic Components, Black Anodized

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12/19/2016 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 12/2016


Strainer fittings GN 7405

Hand retractable spring plungers GN 7017

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11/21/2016 | Newsletter

Ganter e-newsletter 11/2016


Mounting Clamps with Swivel Ball Joint GN 784

Stainless Steel Ledge Handle GN 730.5

Bull´s Eye Levels and Screw-on Levels

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